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  1. The fun never ends.


    I had an email from A VE callsign last night..apparently "magloop" is the name of his product.  I didnt know that.  So, the phrase "mag loop", "mag. loop" should be okay but not his MagLoop.  Although I didn't capitaise my letters...even so.  Anyway, there we are...everytime we say "magloop" we are efectively saying "Hoover"!    Never knew that.


    I've got the first three products sorted for shipping now -  well almost...just waiting boxes and masts.  Not long now.


    And the website keeps much to learn.  Thanks to all the very kind folks out there who wish me well and keep giving advice and observations.  I appeciate it.   


    Thanks again.. David, G4YVM

  2. Today saw the launch of the website...I had to get on and do it really because the R and D etc was burning my cash faster than my HP printer could make it (kidding).  Seriously serious cash flow problem, so off I went and after 8 hours solid work the website hit the streets, so to speak.  In an hour I had sold three aerial packages -  thank you guys, So so grateful!  That money has gone out again on new components.  To be honest, I wasnt expecting such a fast sales response and I need to get my skates on to fulfill those orders.  Its a chicken and egg situation...I had no idea what would sell first...what do I start to stock most??  Now I know.

    I've had a good feedback from so many wellwishers...thank you.  I also hope my inspiration - SOTAbeams Richard of course and also Paul, M0BMN, who was truly inspirational - continue to do well.  You don't know you insoired me, but you did.  Thanks guys.