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New Loft Antenna...Loftenna?

LOFTENNA....Well never let it be said that we are slack here at Bantenna!  Even though it's the weekend the good weather means I can get out and start developing new aerials for you all.  The lastest innovation is a specific "loft antenna".  I had an interesting call from Chris, G8BAL, and he had some super ideas on loft aerials.  Firstly it seems that there is a demand for antennas that can be used within a loft -  but this brings with it some real problems.  Firstly of course, the space available is very limited.  I reckon 6m is a good length for a loft aerial but if you think there's a better (longer) length let me know.  Secondly of course the noise!  The noise Igor, the noise!!  Within the noise bubble of a modern house (I reckon to 10 feet around the house) the QRM can be maddening but there's nowt I can do about that.  However, assuming tht you have no choice and that a Bantenna Sleeve cannot beerected outside, then a loft antenna it is.  The GREAT news is that I am developing a loft antenna that can be strung up in your roof space and let you work 80 - 10m with ease.  I have a few test units out there and my research is happening at. rapid pace -  I will be offering loft aerials to the first customers in the next few weeks I think. Watch this space but if you have specific needs or ideas, do let me know.

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Another fan of the Sleeve antenna!!


 I just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for getting the sleeve to me with conditions such as they are, it arrived today. 

I popped home from work early and put it up, nanovna shows really low swr on all bands i need and within 5 minutes of putting it up in not great weather conditions i had my first ever contact on 80m, smiling from ear to ear here :) 

If theres antywhere you want me to leave a great reviews etc please do let me know, I am so pleased with this, British made and proud to see the union jack on there :)

many many thanks, jamie  


Sleeve antenna

Welcome to the Bantenna website...home of the amazing Bantenna Sleeve antenna.

The sleeve is a novel design invented by G4YVM and based on a design developed by him and his now sadly SK friend Jim, G4NWJ.  There are many, many of these aerials in various forms now in use all over the world and they all do exactly what they are claimed to do -  give you great QSO and ham radio fun where another aerial simply can't!  I do not claim that these aerials will beat anything else in the air, nor do I claim they will add 5 S points to every signal you hear BUT, and this is a BIG but...if you are stuck for space, need stealthy, need to avoid trip hazards or a visible presence or if you want a vertical that packs into a rucksack (or your pocket) then you need a Bantenna Sleeve antenna.


The Sleeve is a wire antenna capable of handling 100w or more all day long  sewn into a nylon cloth sleeve which you slide over a 7m glassfibre fishing pole.  No radials, no ground wires, nothing.  Low SWR (usually within 3:3 but some bands do show 4:1) on ALL amateur bands.  We do recommend the use of an ATU with the's not THAT magic!  It will get you out on all amateur bands 160m to 10m and it looks like a banner not an antenna!

Watch great new video of the sleeve and guy kit. See the SWR!

Whats in the box?

See Sleeve pages

80m end fed

If the Sleeve vertical isn't to your liking or you simply prefer an endfed horizontal wire than look no further than our 80m coil loaded endfed.  This is a 22m wire antenna which is incredibly light weight, has low windage thanks to the slimline coil and can be deployed in minutes.  We supply them on a winder to make transport and deployment easy as pie.  They come tuned but feel free to trim them in situ or trim with an ATU -  we make no bones about it, Bantenna make modern antennas for modern radios and that almost always means an ATU.  We do not make perfectly resonant monoband antennas!

The endfeds handle 100watts (30w versions are available) and will really get you results.  There is a video showing the aerial.  There will be more as the weather warms up...G4YVM hates the cold!


See endfed pages

VHF aerials

If you want a VHF antenna the Travellin' Jim family is for you.  Based on the famous Slim Jim aerials ours are made from 450ohm feeder, waterproofed at the feedpoint and fitted with 3m coax cable and a PL259.  They are also aavailable as the amusing but functional Funky Jim antennas - same aerials but clad in colourful nylon sleeves to protect them and make them look like anything but an aerial!  No more nagging from SWMBO about horrid wires hanging up, and no more worrying visits from the landlord about prohibited aerials (oh, the sky dish is okay then!).  Available in 4m, 2m and 70cm versions.

See Travellin' Jim