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  1. Well today was another day spent finalising the designs of the Sleeve Antenna.  I am really prud of this aerial because it's so innovative -  but you can hardly imagine the challenges for production.  It would be soooo satisfying to send the lot to China and get them back for a few dollars. but sadly that wont happen.  They are all made here, by skilled craftsmen, in a small cottage into that what you will!! 


    Seriously, the sleeve antenna is enormously innovative and not at all easy to produce, but it does give a fabulous result and an extremnely easily deployable aerial.  When it's released you'll be stunned!!   I gave one to a friend of mine this morning and he has justo compared it to his dipole: 2 S points difference!!!  Amazing...but not unexpected because when testing it against my own 155ft doublet I also found great results.    Obviously some signals just dont work, and what can be heard on the doublet doesnt make it down the sleeve...but most signals are so close as to bring a smile everytime (and my doublet is excellent!).   


    The sleeve aerial really is a dream - light weight, short height, no radials (yep, thats right)and light light weight.  I reckon you could fly it from a theres. thought!