Sleeve antenna instructions

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Here at Bantenna we have designed the Sleeve antenna to be a novel, portable  and lightweight aerial which actiually works.  Because it is made of lightweight ripstop nylon there are some things you need to be cautious of.  Hopefully these aren't too onerous but they will extend the longevity of your Sleeve aerial and hopefully help you get many years of use from it.

Keep away from naked flames, cigarettes, soldering irons etc.  Nylon melts!

The aerial is composed of two sleeves, an inner and an outer.  In some circumstance is is possible to pull the outer sleeve over the inner (this may occur on early models, we hope we've ironed these issues out!).  If this happens the inner sleeve, which is sewn to the outer sleeve, can bunch and prevent you getting the sleeve over the mast as it should go.  To avoid this fit the sleeve like this...

  • With mast extended, hold the tip end and put it into to the sleeve. 
  • Lay the sleeve out on the ground running away from the mast, so they make one straight line.
  • Gently pull the sleeve onto the tip using EITHER the inner skin or the pull loop fitted to later models.
  • Work your way down the mast, "wiggling" the end as you go in a whipping motion, all the time pulling the sleeve on to the mast.
  • The last metre or so might be done with the mast vertical, still 'wiggling' it and still pulling either the loop or the inner skin.

we have had sleeve antennas running here for some years now and have rarely had a jam: when we have it is always, always because we roll rather than pull.  Gently does it!

Bantenna strongly recommends that you do not use the finest tip section of the fibreglass mast.  Take this out and keep it safe.  Wrap some tape round the tip of the next section to stop it cutting into the sleeve antenna. Tape the section joints to prevent a mast collapse!  Use one layer of tape: the sleeves can be tight.  DON'T worry if the last six inches of sleeve wont pull onto your mast, it just means your mast is a bit fat and the sleeve is on as far as it goes.  thats fine!

If you do retain and use the finest tip you must wrap the very tip to stop it puncturing the  inner sleeve.  We can do nothing about this if it happens!!!


Attatch the spade connector to the bind post on the UnUn and use the vecro strap to fasten the unun to the mast.   

Stand the mast and fasten in the vertical position.  

Job done.



Click here for Sleeve instructional videos


Dear Bantenna customer

I really appreciate your business, thank you. 

When using the sleeve antenna with a glassfibre pole either remove the top mast section which is sharp or wrap the tip in tape (make a small ball of masking tape or some such) to stop the tip tearing the fabric.  I have sewn it well, but fibreglass is sharp!


When using the Sleeve antenna you will probably find a good low SWR without an ATU on most bands but remember that an ATU / AMU will always, always improve things.  ATU’s always improve anything but properly trimmed and tuned resonant antennas, and mine aren’t!  My products are properly trimmed and tuned MULTIBAND antennas designed to take advantage of the modern radio world -  and that almost always includes an ATU and often an internal auto one.  The Sleeve is usually a low SWR across all bands but if you have an ATU…use it!

My website has a short video about how to put up the Sleeve antenna -  well worth a watch!

Finally,  things do go wrong from time to time, especially in a start up.  If something is clearly wrong do please tell me.  I will do everything I can to put things right!  I test every single aerial before it leaves me and I can do no more than that.  I hope you appreciate that.


Please enjoy your Bantenna product!


David G4YVM