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  1. Seriously, whod have thought making end fed aerials could be so drawn out!  Firstly, we have done a lot of work so that you dont have to.  I'd like to say we have completely redrawn the laws of physics and have invented something world beating and game changing.  Sadly, we havent.


    What we have done is stand on the shoulders of giants and bring you a simple endfed of 66' length with a quality unun on a 43 mix toroid.  In time we will add a QRO version but for now we have  a simple pocket sized product for up to about 30 watts of CW or SSB.  So, in essence...a /P and QRP design.  endfed unun tests


    Above are some of our test pieces - we made about 8 in total using a variety of wires, cores and windings.  It's true that we ended up reinventing the wheel but at least we know.


    Here are the finished products ready for your radio adventures!


    See the plastic ties?  They are there for you to hang the unun on a pole or rope.  No, youre right, its not stainless steel.  Why would you (a) want to pay for stainless steel on a portable temporary aerial system and (b) carry it around anyway?.  The nylon wont rust (like SS), wont break (like SS) and it's light (UNLIKE SS).  Oh, cheap too!!  Also unlike SS.

    See product pages for more info!

  2. After a week or so of further work on the Sleeve antenna I set to with the ununs for the end feds.  How many unun designs can one aerial need?  The answer, it seems, is lots.  Everybody from Marconi himself seems to have had a bright idea so now I have at least these ununs and more being soldered...20200709_125004


    Here we see the raw toroids...mix after mix...not all good, not all bad and the good arent always good and the bad arent always bad...  Who said R and D was cheap!?!