Bantenna Travellin' Jim VHF aerials

Oh the've got yourself a nice 2m, 6m, or 70cm handie and you go out and about but sadly, the teeny weeny aerial is just too small to get you very far.    Disheartened, you pop the rig back in your pocket and that's where it stays....or it was!    Being a switched on sort and knowing about YOU have carried a Bantenna Travellin' Jim with you.  You loop a cord over the branch of a nearby tree - or a climbing frame, or anything really - hoist your neat and tidy Bantenna Travellin' Jim and now you're cooking.


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The J-pole antenna was first invented by Hans Beggerow (the chap in the background) in 1909 for use in Zeppelin airships.  He intended the aerial to be trailed behind the airship so it consisted of a single element, half wavelength radiator with a quarter wave parallel feedline tuning stub. This concept evolved to a J configuration by 1936.  Interestingly, when the radiating half-wave section is mounted horizontally, at right-angles to the quarter-wave matching stub, the variation is typically called a "Zepp" antenna.

J-Poles are close relatives of Slim Jims... as conceived by Fredd Judd , G2BCX, many years ago.   J Poles and Slim Jims are almost identical in looks and performance but when made from ribbon the Slim Jim is simply easier to make.  Bantenna Travellin' Jims are designed to roll up and be easily carried BUT....whereas we could make them from 300 ohm ribbon these aerials twist and turn in the wind and SWR fluctuates.  Our 450 ladder construction isn't quite as foldable due to the solid copper core, but ther are a bit more ridgid and the SWR is a bit more stable.  The picture shows one in a tree...can you see it?  Not easily thats for sure.  That's how low profile they are.  But they work!  We currently have 2m versions only but 4m versions are on the workshop bench.

And now... Funky Jim antennas.  Funky Jims are slim jim style aerials in a colourful shell of nylon.  Extend the range of your handy whilst out walking, chuck the aerial up a tree or post and off you go.  Great colourful fun aerials...aerials dont have to be dull! 


Bantenna Travellin' Jim and Funky Jim.antennas...2m, 4m, 70cm.  All with coax and a plug.