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Had a great request recently from a user who wants me to custom make on to fit a permenant pole in his QTH garden.  He says this...

You are very welcome to quote my appraisal of the sleeve aerial.  On 60m and up it level pegs with my low W3EDP, whilst on 80m it is, maybe, a couple of S points down BUT, on all bands, the background noise pick up is lower. I stress that the noise attenuation is noticeably greater than that of the wanted signal when compared with the W3EDP.



It is an amazing antenna I am still scratching my head as to how it works!

73 good luck with Bantenna.

Richard G0ILN.


"Hey up,

             Thats a great review David and as we know they do work well and have enabled myself to work some rare countries on it using my 10 watt bitx furthest so far was Pitcairn island then i thought that was good worked vanuatu island the next day".  




"I’ve done WSPR testing with simultaneous transmissions to compare against other reference antennas. Despite the theoretical inefficiencies, they give a very good account of themselves and their practical advantages are enormous for portable work. Such a low faff factor. I think your implementation will be a big success.




The following notes and measurements from Paul, M0BMN

Hi David

Thanks for the antenna, I have had a little play today with it. I have a antenna analyser and connected it up to that, heres a couple of pics of the analysers output.

The first is 100K to 28Mhz, the SWR swings from just over 1 to under 5:1

The second picture is 80m, the SWR across the band is about 2:1

Next 40m, works nice on this band  with SWR of around 1.5:1

I have the antenna mounted at ground level by the large trees at the bottom of the garden. I guess not the best location since its only 5 or 6ft away from a 100ft  pine tree. I am comparing it to my endfed multiband windom at 30ft in the clear.

Ok the signals are not as strong as the windom but that said its not bad, the first call I made was received without problem (only txed on 80m so far) I can see that it makes a viable antenna , if someone is short of space  this would be a good choice for them for sure. I have it connected to my QCX without a ATU and with an external SWR meter its reading 1.5:1 SWR which is fine. I want to try it on 80m next.


Reviews from field users

Hi David


Well, alas I did manage to get a few clips of video recorded, but the weather in those there Welsh hills is often a little, well, shall we say… inclement!!! So my plan is once again to head out to the same location tomorrow and try to get some more video so that I can put together something.


That said… wow, what a superb antenna this is too.  I guess today was a good day as the field day contest was happening all over Europe and the bands were rammed.  I didn’t really want to participate in the contest, but I did do a few returns to check I was getting out across the bands.  The SWR on 80m was incredible… with my ATU I managed an easy 1:1 across the entire range.  40M was 1:1.3-1.6 which is also superb, and on 20M was also just amazing, around 1:1.4-1.7.  I did appear to have a little trouble being heard on 20M, but managed a few QSO’s.

I’ll be trying again tomorrow, and hope to get to call CQ in a non-contesting scenario which given the way I like to operate will help me get some recordings done of those contacts too.

I did have to make a hasty exit a few times as some dark and ominous clouds rolled in, and I didn’t't want to be 1,800 feet up in the hills, with a 24 foot telescopic fibre glass pole containing a wire at the top - I am sure you can understand why :)

I’ll be in touch again tomorrow.



This from a mobile home user...

Hi David

Just did a quick test in to Italy a 5/9 signal on 75w ssb on 20m so for a compromise set up antenna on a bike workstand about 4 ft off the ground and lots of items to cause qrm

Will be interesting to see how it performs in the open .