Exciting developments...

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Today saw the launch of the website...I had to get on and do it really because the R and D etc was burning my cash faster than my HP printer could make it (kidding).  Seriously serious cash flow problem, so off I went and after 8 hours solid work the website hit the streets, so to speak.  In an hour I had sold three aerial packages -  thank you guys, So so grateful!  That money has gone out again on new components.  To be honest, I wasnt expecting such a fast sales response and I need to get my skates on to fulfill those orders.  Its a chicken and egg situation...I had no idea what would sell first...what do I start to stock most??  Now I know.

I've had a good feedback from so many wellwishers...thank you.  I also hope my inspiration - SOTAbeams Richard of course and also Paul, M0BMN, who was truly inspirational - continue to do well.  You don't know you insoired me, but you did.  Thanks guys.