Customer's amazing stories!

Latest feedback...

I love it when a customer lets me know of their successes.  This just in from an honest customer of the Loftenna!

"Hi, Purchased a Loftenna, after installing it in my smallish terraced loft diagonally in the Horizontal mode  using only the supplied radials  I found that the SWR to be on average around 2:1 on all bands with none over 3:1,  my initial reaction was "Dummy Load" but in use it performed a lot better than I had anticipated, I live right on the West Coast of Wales with the antenna in a East West  configuration with the Balun at the West end, I have made contacts using only 50w. SSB phone to  Moscow, Latvia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal and Belgium  getting 5/6 to 5/9 reports .   My previous antenna was a £200+ Chameleon End fed and I believe without having carried out back to back tests that the Loftenna  beats it , plus with the end fed I had to use a external antenna Tuner which I don't need with the Loftenna.  I intend to add some additional radials sometime in the future to see if it improves reception to the West of my location.  Happy to have made the purchase and would recommend for anyone with restricted  antenna space . 73'"

I went back and asked whether I could use this email and this was the reply...


"Hi , You may feel free to use my findings on your website, you are welcome. I omitted to mention  on which bands that I made the contacts , mainly 15 & 20, Bulgaria  10m. Belgium 40m.,   Loftenna is not going to compete with the Hack Green setup but it will give Hams like myself the opportunity to get on the air . When I get around to adding some counterpoises and think they were an improvement I  will let you know


There you have it honest feedback.  A loftenna doing exactly what I claim.  Thank you!



And this...

Well...some days the news is great!!!  Just a phone call from a friend of a customer who said " my friend took one of your sleeves, put it upside down outside his flat window and promptly worked Hawaii!"  What can I say?  They work!

SLEEVES...I recently had an email from a chap who's friend is using one of my sleeve aerials to regularly work Oz!  I knew they were 'wizard' aerials but that's amazing!!  Thanks for telling me



Hi David,
I bought a Sleeve antenna from you some time ago now. It works a treat  with decent contacts across Europe and into the USA. I've now rigged the antenna as a permanent installation, camouflaged in the garden ( happy to send pictures if you were interested) I have question. Can I assume the Unun is Ok to use permanently outside without any inclosure? I've used petroleum jelly along the seams and around the connections. Appreciate your advice please. 73 Tim


My answer...Hi Tim


Glad it works as it should.  I think if the unun is greased as you have it should be ok.  I often run rubber solution like uhu por glue round the seams and where the fittings go in.


Its pretty tightly fitted so should be ok.  Ive never had anyone tell me they leak and ive never seen it myself.  Usual precautions vis a vis pl259...rubber tape usually






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This just in from a satisfied Loftenna user...

"Many thanks for getting the “Loftenna” out to me before Xmas given me something to play with!

I installed it today (in the loft) and what can I say it works…..! I previously only had a 20m wire dipole in my loft but with your Loftenna into an MFJ-969 ATU using 10w on an FT-840 5mins after coming down the ladder I got 5-7 report from Romania on 15m – so many more bands now opening new doors to me.

I’ve checked the SWR on all bands 80-10 found it below 2 on most when bypassing the ATU and get easily get perfect SWR with the ATU."




This from an American custome,r who bought himself and a friend  Sleeves, just in...

"Hi Dave,

Just wanted to let you know the antennas arrived on Saturday, which just happened to be field day..

I took one with me and we tried it out!


Everyone was impressed."


This is the set up initially used by Lee, 2E0ATB  (photo used with his permission.).  Lee says he wished he'd mown the lawn...  Oh, he also says, "very impressed with the sleeve antenna. Had some great reports and works very well indeed."

What else needs to be said...orders now being taken!


Thanks Lee and good Dx.

2E0NQA. May 2021

Rob set up in Cannock Chase to activate for Parks On The Air (POTA).
Rob was using a Bantenna Sleeve antenna - what else? - and a KX2 with palm pico paddle. 5 Watts nabbed him 13 cw QSO before he called it a day. I reckon thats a cracking result given the band conditions and the wind...and all done on the back of the amazing Bantenna Sleeve antenna! Not sure what other large size antenna would cope with that ferocious wind!
From all at Bantenna Rob, very well done!



Okay, not a's me...

My set up in wales.  Worked GI4CZW on 5 mhz.  Crappy signal and awful condx, but I was pleased.  Thanks Cliff.

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Allan, GW4VPX. Nov 2020

After hundreds of SOTA activations I ditched my faithful fool proof linked dipole yesterday and used an end-fed antenna for the first time on the summit of GW/MW-034 Mynydd Cynros which is a 20 minute drive from home. I’d seen an advert in the FISTS club magazine so I contacted David Perry G4YVM of Bantenna to see if he could modify his ‘Pocket Rocket’ to my specifications, he did and I was delighted with the result. 78 chasers made my log on HF ssb with another 5 on 2m FM including a couple of s2s. Running 8 watts through the internal ATU of the KX2 I worked stations on 80/60/40/20 meters and the antenna being supported by my 5m fishing pole. Why have I changed? Well I wanted to lighten the load in my rucksack which this antenna certainly does, I even sourced Titanium tent pegs! … anyway did the job but still work in progress. Thanks to all the chasers who made it an enjoyable activation and gave me feedback on several bands.

73 Allan GW4VPX