Small space horizontal

The new Loftenna is just 6m in total length...yet it covers ALL HF bands!

Loft antenna.

An horizontal, no-tangle antenna designed for lofts.  Top band to 10m, all mode, all rigs, most ATUs

Small space horizontal...

Short of space? A 6m long antenna with inbuilt unun capable of 100 watts.

Attics...roof spaces...tree houses.

Tree houses? Sure! Why not?  At just 6m long this aerial fits so many spaces.


Most man made QRM is vertical.  Vertical aerials are very noisy...or so the thinking goes.  This new antenna from Bantenna is horizontal.

Loftenna from Bantenna

The new Loftenna is SPECIFICALLY designed to fit into lofts and and forget.  The unun is built into the aerial so you rig it, add the coax, close the hatch and forget it!

The now Loftenna is capable of 100 watts all day long, all bands Topband to 6m.  You will need a tuner for this aerial, but like all Bantenna aerials, modern aerials for modern rigs.  If you CAN fit a full size G5RV into your loft, why are you reading this???

Small lofts and attics no longer need a rats nest of a Bantenna Loftenna and be done with it.  It's encased in our snazzy ripstop nylon to stop it tangling, the unun is built in, cords at each end make fitting a doddle...add coax and rig and enjoy the ham bands as never before.

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The screen shot to the left shows my RBN results this evening.  The new loftenna is taking some developing but I seem to have it sorted now and I am REALLY excited by it.  Using it I also just worked DL3NAA on 40m (he was QRP, 5 watts) and G4LHI on 80m...sadly we lost each other in QSB before a final flurry to say 73, then he had to QSY due to noise.    I think 80m and 40m on an aerial about 6m long is good.

Ive had a few folks ask if they can buy to test these aerials. The answer is 'yes' of course, just let me finalise the design.  Integral to this is the unun and thats being finished now.  I'm not reinventing physics of course, just making 'em work for us!