How to use Loftenna

When you receive the Loftenna you will receive two components: (1) the antenna and unun combined and (2) the counterpoise loom.

The antenna should be strung out such the one end of the bridle is fastened to an anchor point and the other bridle to a further ancor point at least 6.6m away and in an unobstructed run.  The antenna should be strung such that the arm with the wire fastened to the yellow cord is at the top and the unsupported wire at the bottom.  There MUST be NO TWISTS.

The unun is fastened to one end of the antenna and this device goes at the is used to cause the aerial to hang correctly.  (Photos to follow).

Pull the support cord tight but not bar tight!  The wires of the aerial are the important part and they should be 'pretty tight'!

Feed the unun with coax to the rig.

The counterpoises may be fastened to the tag nearest the antenna socket and etched with an 'E' sign...the counterpoises are not essential and they may improve or reduce aerial effectiveness in your loft: in mine they ALWAYS improve matters.  You may find adding more also works better but I have supplied the best set I have found.

  1. The unun case is not waterproof -  hang it outdoors at your peril!
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