There's not much more fun than kite flying...maybe radio operating. Here's a thought...

Kite aerial kits

Kite aerials are huge fun but not that popular.  Why not?  Well, maybe the perceived difficulty of launching is the issue.  Our deltas and Conynes are easy to launch if you follow basic rules -  see the video.  You should NEVER have to run to launch a kite...if you have to run there's someing badly awry!   Nevr launch the kite with the aerial as a wire, never launch it in a storm or in wind too strong for it, never tie the retraint cord round your hand or other body parts and never fly near power lines.  But you knew all that, right?


You might think that we've missed a trick by not adding sled or soft cell kites to our stock listing: there's a reason we did that.  Firstly, our friends at SOTA sell the soft kites and for SOTA they are the way to go -  soft kites stuff in your kit bag, weigh nothing and pull like dogs.  BUT...for a more impressive sight in the sky there's nothing to beat sticks and nylon!  You wouldn't want to carry a full Cody up Snowdon, but on a beach or in a park why fly a soft kite when a Conyne will do the job more beautifully.  So now you know.


So how to launch a kite?   Text to follow!!

Delta kite aerial kit

Next to a Cody box there is nothing as elegantly beautiful as a Delta kite.  What can we say? If God flew kites, he'd fly a delta.  The simplest kites to construct in the field...only one fibreglass rod to install, add the dacron line and off you go.  Easy as pie to launch, gently in the air, stable and a good lifter.  Easy to retrieve when home beckons.  Supplied with dyneema line, aerial wire and unun for 100 watts.  Also comes with a static bleed line...see notes in the Conyne panel above.

Conyne box kite aerial kit

The large Conyne box delta marries the powerful lifitng capability of a delta kite with the stability of a box.  In truth, there's probably not a huge amount to choose between a Conyne and a Delta - you might get more lift from the box but thats mostly what the wind does!  The Conyne is slightly more complex to build in the field and with cold hands, but you get out what you put in!    Easy to launch and easy to retrieve.  The Conyne comes with line, aerial and unun ready for 100watts of radio.  It also comes with a static bleed line and ground peg - whether you use these or not is up to you.  G4YVM has never used one and suffered no ill effects - we think the pvc outer of the aerial wire fastened to ground drains the static anyway, but you may choose to add the bleed line.  It's yours, why not use it?

Cody box aerial kit

Lets face it, if you want impressive, get a Cody.  In it's original form the cody was a man lifter (sorry ladies, but it was!  It will however lift ladies should they so desire!).  THIS Cody will not lift a person but it will haul your wire aloft...possibly too well!  So why doesn't everyone enjoy a Cody?  Well, they have a strong pull which can be troublesome if you don't know what youre doing and they can be fiddly 3D jigsaws with cold hands.  BUT...the rewards are beyond measure: the site of a Cody in the air is something to behold, and as an original manlifter you're flying a kite with provenance!!  Enormous lifting capacity and not held in stock.  We can supply these if you so desire. Same kit as other kites.  Email us for details.