Why another endfed?  Simple, we're an antenna seller.  Why send you elsewhere for one of the most popular aerials around?  If there's one thing that bugs the heck out of Bantenna owner, G4YVM, (and there are some!) its getting to go /P and carrying tons of stuff which all gets jumbled up.  Not everyone wants to load a modified shopping trolley with amateur radio gear just to go for a walk.  G4YVM goes on walks with his dogs and if you've done that you'll know that it's almost impossible to do two things at once if one of them involves dogs.  The best fun was with an Elecraft KX2 and a wire...so that got us thinking.   We ended up with a "sort of" 60ft end fed and a small unun.  No tuner.  No poles. Just hoist the Pocket Rocket over a branch and off you go...so now rigs like  QCX, FT817/818, Xiegu variants etc etc  which are popular but have no tuner can be plugged directly into the Bantenna endfed and used anywhere 80m to 10m.  Ditto your FT817, 818 etc.  (Be reasonable...your specific locations will differ...use an ATU to trim if you can).

If you'd rather rig the aerial for higher power at home or on holiday, then buy the 100w version.  It's pretty similar but has a much bigger and more costly quality toroid (same mix as the Pocket Rocket but BIGGGGGGGER).   ALL of our ununs use quality 4mm bind posts for the antenna wire and a good BNC socket for the coax.  BNC are a secure system to use in the field whereas a PL259 can come loose or be cross threaded etc.  We do appreciate that most amateurs use PL259s in preference, probably because they are easy to actually fit to coax.  Quite a few amateurs will only use N connectors of course.  Where does it end?  We had to choose...we chose BNC.  If you want an UNUN with a different fitting, just ask.  

Plug and play radio fun!  Don't thank us...just buy one.

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The Pocket Rocket Has changed.....it is now a coil loaded 80m to 10m endfed.  Neat 49:1 unun, slim-line coil and  light weight wire.  Still your choice...30w or 100w unun.

The antenna comes supplied on an aerial winder (don't you just hate tangles??)


Watch the video here

Bantenna Pocket Rocket multiband endfed HF bands 80m to 10m, ALL modes.

Pocket Rocket action!

Here we see the endfed ready for use as shipped to you.  Designed to have the unun aloft or grounded, you choose.  See which gives you a better SWR.   The coils are currently supplied integral (you cant see the joins!) but if you do snap a wite the heatshrink can be removed and new wire soldered on.  I am still debating ths feature...may be that future models have screw termals.    

So many mixes...

Choosing the right toroid is about mix,  size and number!  Get the mix wrong and the thing just wont work.  Get the size wrong and the losses are high leading to heat in the torid and possible (certain!) damage to the mix itself.  You can add toroids to each other which changes things again, mostly cost and weight!  For the end fed we settled on the classic 43 type mix ferrite toroid...but only after we tried many more for you.